Oh hello there, and what’s your name, dahling?

Hey hey – I’m Sim! Full name is Simran, but only my mum uses that.

And what can I get you from the drinks trolley?

Ahh, what to choose? My current favourite is an easy breezy gin and tonic, but I do also enjoy a Bramble if cocktails are on the menu.

Bite to eat?

Fried chicken. Actually, any kind of fried food – but mostly chicken.

Quickie: wassapoint of PR?

Influencing without anyone realising they’re being influenced.

Seen anything good in the industry lately?

SO MUCH, so proud of my fellow PRs. I recently LOVED the Bombay Sapphire campaign that turned an art gallery gift shop into an essential supermarket for five days during lockdown. So creative and gave back to artists who had been out of work due to the pandemic.

What have you been watching?

Trash TV is my vice (Love Island is finally back!), but I’m also really enjoying Prodigal Son and re-watching Mad Men. 

My Girls’ Aloud CD is scratched. Any tunage recommendations?

Hmm.. for me it’s R&B all the way, mixed in with some hip-hop and afrobeats. Highly recommend Masego.

Gotta creative icon?

How can it be anyone other than Don Draper? Without the cheating, alcoholism and general narcissistic behaviour of course…

Why did you want to work in creative?

Because I genuinely don’t feel like any job is better. Getting to work on global brands, never doing the same thing and having SO MUCH FUN while doing so. Need I say more?

One site you can’t live without?

Has to be Instagram.

Tell us a joke.

I love eye jokes. The cornea the better. Ha!