Oh hello there, and what’s your name, dahling?

Oh heyyy! I’m Nina, nice to meet you x

And what can I get you from the drinks trolley?

You know what, I’d love a Negroni if there’s one going. If not, I’m happy with the house white… Cheers!

Bite to eat?

A large platter of sushi, but if you could leave the veggie rolls out, that’d be great thanks.

Quickie: wassapoint of PR?

Good Q! In my mind it’s simply finding a clever way of getting the brand into conversation(9 times out of 10 in a positive light), no matter how stupid, funny, or amazing your story might be – just make sure it gets the people talking. Obviously making sure you it won’t cause backlash or worse… getting cancelled!

Seen anything good in the industry lately?

QPR immortalising a rising star footballer and making him a playable player for Fifa was brilliant.

One that’s not recent but that’s simply genius is Spotify’s ‘Wrapped’, where it shows you everything you’ve listened to over the past year and allows you to share on your social channels. Obviously everyone thinks they’re the ‘main character’ and think by posting their playlist everyone’s gonna care and thus an ongoing cultural moment has been born.

What have you been watching?

I love trash TV and I ain’t afraid to say it! I restarted KUWTK from start and aim to finish it soon, I’m balancing a lot of the Real Housewives, I’ve now got Too Hot To Handle on the go, alongside daily episodes of Love Island.

I’m also not ashamed to say that for me these shows aren’t a background watch and I’m very much invested in the drama.

My Girls’ Aloud CD is scratched. Any tunage recommendations?

For anything pop – it has to be the queen, the icon, Mariah Carey – can I get an amen.

On a day to day, it has to be soulful R&B, Afrobeats. I do also enjoy UK rap, but that might just be me trying to stay youthful.

Gotta creative icon?

Lil Nas X – he just gets everything so right. And he’s sooo good at the internet… if that makes sense?

Why did you want to work in creative?

When I first started adulting I thought I’d be a city banker lol! But creative is so much more fun when you naturally just want to keep on top of trends and enjoy finding a way to bring other people (brands) on board that ‘trend train’ too.

Did you vom at ‘trend train’? Cos I think I just did.

One site you can’t live without?

TikTok. I can’t go to sleep without it.

Tell us a joke.

Question: What’s the difference between a squirrel and a rat?

Answer: PR