Oh hello there, and what’s your name, dahling? 

Yo! Most people call me LAL – coz, let’s be real Leigh-Anne is too long to write out and also algebra (my parents were unkind).

And what can I get you from the drinks trolley? 

Amaretto Sour, with the egg whites. Please and thank you.

Bite to eat? 

Sausage and Egg McMuffin and a packet of Squashies (don’t judge me).

Quickie: wassapoint of PR? 

Advertising in disguise.

Seen anything good in the industry lately? 

The Focaccia Florists Valentine’s ad was mysterious enough to peak my interest and quirky enough to keep it.

What have you been watching? 

Reality TV: RuPaul’s Drag Race, Married at First Sight and The Circle.

My Girls’ Aloud CD is scratched. Any tunage recommendations?  

JAZMINE SULLIVAN or BRENT FAIYAZ – they sing my feels (no matter my mood).

Gotta creative icon? 

My friends over at 3000OceanHill.

Why did you want to work in creative? 

I like being heard, but I hate being seen so being a creative seemed like the right fit. I’m interested in a lot of things and think any other profession would be a bit too stifling for me. This industry allows me to draw on and piece together my interests in a way few people have thought of, in the hopes of it becoming a client campaign.

One site you can’t live without? 


Tell us a joke. 

Defo not good at jokes BUT have you heard of the new club Graveyard? Everyone’s DYING to get in (ba dum boom clash!).