Oh hello there, and what’s your name, dahling?

Hi sweety, the name’s Emily but pals call me Em or Trant – I’m the Campaign Manager at PLAY.

And what can I get you from the drinks trolley?

Honestly, anything at this point in time. But I love a gorgeous, dry, crisp rose (a shade of pink no darker than an onion’s skin thank yew dallyn), or a cosmo if I’m feeling fruity.

Bite to eat?

If there are fries on the side we’re playing ball. Also pasta, je suis addicted to pasta.

Quickie: wassapoint of PR?

PR! I PR things! People. Places. Concepts! But srsly – for me, PR is knowing your Gorilla Glue Girl from your Jackie Weaver, and creating campaigns that reveal truths, solve problems, communicate ideas, add fresh perspectives, and tell stories.

Seen anything good in the industry lately?

Loved the Twitter frenzy that ensued after Weetabix suggested you added baked beans to your bix. I also thought Colour of Change’s ‘The Pedestal Project’ campaign – an augmented reality experience that allowed smartphone users to digitally place a leader of racial justice on top of empty pedestals, was brilliant. Sorry, one more, as a pasta groupie – I also thought Barilla’s pasta playlist campaign was molto bene.

What have you been watching?

Bing Bang Bong, Sing Sang Song, Bing Bang Bong – RPDR UK hun! Also Snow Piercer (trash but solid gold trash), The Serpent, and I’m re-watching Modern Family because it’s pure sunshine during this loathsome pandemic.

My Girls’ Aloud CD is scratched. Any tunage recommendations?

My music taste is… um… I mainly like hip-hop, afrobeats, and 80’s party classics so I’ll let someone else on the team give you a recco…

Gotta creative icon?

The person that runs the Hunsnet IG page. Also Nigella Lawson. 

Why did you want to work in creative?

Because it’s bloody good fun.

One site you can’t live without?

The Hunsnet Instagram page. 

Tell us a joke.

I’m sorry, don’t @ me but I hate jokes, I’m more of a sarcastic remark/witty quip kind of girl. But here’s one because I’m not a total arse:

Why did the blind man fall down the well?

Because he couldn’t see that well.