Oh hello there, and what’s your name, dahling? 

Nice to meet you, I’m Conor.

And what can I get you from the drinks trolley? 

I’ll have an Old Fashioned, with a twist of orange peel.

Bite to eat? 

Sushi please, with some chili salt edamame beans. 

Quickie: wassapoint of PR? 

Creating a buzz in a boring world.

Seen anything good in the industry lately? 

The Big Issue’s partnership with Linkedin – it was a lovely piece of work and a great collaboration for a good cause. An honourable mention for Weetabix and beans, reading the comment thread made my night. 

What have you been watching? 

Snowpiercer, Wandavision and Afterlife.

My Girls’ Aloud CD is scratched. Any tunage recommendations?  

Stick on some Earth, Wind and Fire and let loose (any other disco is also acceptable).

Gotta creative icon? 

I’m massively into streetwear and the work Kanye West, Jerry Lorenzo and Virgil Abloh are doing is truly inspirational. Also, shout out to the team behind Palace for their recent collaboration with Stella Artois. 

Why did you want to work in creative? 

The industry has always been amazing for me. So many great people, opportunities and the chance to be creative every day is something I hold dear to my heart.

One site you can’t live without? 

Soundcloud (Spotify) Music makes the world go round (or maybe it’s money…)

Tell us a joke. 

Here we go… how do you tell that a vampire is sick? 


By how much he’s coffin… 


…wait for applause